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Good for you Egon...that's great news. I am especially interested in the work you are doing on the NMR and Mass Spec side and would love to contribute expertise, data, APIs as necessary/appropriate to support the project. As you know I still keep my hand very much in the NMR/MS world - you might be interested in this recent paper : re. MS. I am working on some projects now related to ChemSpider and MS/NMR and it would be good to chat. Maybe there is an opportunity to connect things up?


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Hi all,

I am very happy to let you know what the below mentioned NRNB project, Bioclipse and the CDK (again) have found their way into the Google Summer of Code. The main projects for this GSoC are WikiPathways with PathVisio and Cytoscape, but there are in total 4 project ideas that involve these two Blue Obelisk projects.

Two project ideas involve writing Bioclipse plugins, one for PathVisio, one for the Cytoscape huge graph rendering functionality.
When selecting content in these two widgets, they will pass around selection events, allowing further detail to be visualized in Bioclipse's other views.

Two other ideas involve the CDK. One is a plugin for PathVisio showing molecular properties related to NMR and mass spectrometry (metabolomics oriented). The other idea is to update the Cytoscape plugin for visualizing chemical structures which was in fact developed in a previous GSoC.

I invite all students who want a really cool summer job, to brush up their programming skills, write a terrific application (there are limited seats; only the best applications will be accepted; starting coding and interacting early with developers always helps), and hack on Bioclipse or the CDK this year in the GSoC 2012!

All project ideas can be found at and also read the below detail.

With kind regards,


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As part of NRNB, we will once again be participating in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program.

GSoC is a global program that funds student programmers around the world to write code for open source projects. This will be our 6th year participating and we have a lot of projects to choose from.

If you are a student interested in coding for our open source projects, then check out the link above and apply before April 6th. If you know of any students who might be interested, then forward this announcement, mention it in the classroom or post the attached flyer.

The application period is March 26 - April 6th. Hop on the discussion mailing list and run your ideas by us before applying to improve your application.

- Alex

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