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To:Android Developers From:Anatoly Korniltsev Subject:[android-developers] is Card Emulation supported in Android with NFC? Date:Sat, 18 Feb 2012 06:12:33 -0800 (PST)

hello everyone.

I need to communicate over NFC (ISO14443) with some card reader (SDI
010) which is controlled by dektop application using SmartCard IO.

when i put my nexus S on Reader, logcat shows messages

02-18 13:24:00.691: DEBUG/NfcService(278): SE FIELD ACTIVATED
02-18 13:24:00.691: DEBUG/NfcService(278): Broadcasting Intent

or theese , when card reader is trying to read

02-18 13:25:00.718: DEBUG/NFC JNI(278): > AID DETECTED
02-18 13:25:00.718: DEBUG/NFC JNI(278): > AID: 0102030405060708090000
02-18 13:25:00.722: DEBUG/NfcService(278): Card Emulation message
02-18 13:25:00.722: DEBUG/NfcService(278): Broadcasting

I,ve tried to handle theese intents with no success;
The reader i use supports NFCA, NFCB and RFID technologies.

I Suppose SE is Secure Element am i Right?
Is there any way to communicate with reader, without modyfing
Or may be i can get access to secure element from native code (C) ?
Is there any trusted java libraries/tools to handle nfc (NDEF f.e.) on


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