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To:Karthik From:Karthik Subject:Data Analysis with SQL Querying & PL/SQL Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:56:23 +0530



Data Analysis with SQL Querying & PL/SQL

Richfield, OH

Rate:  $55/hr C2C (all inclusive)

Duration: 6 months


Required Skills:

•           Data Analysis with SQL querying

•           Oracle PL/SQL

•           Troubleshooting

•           Communication


Other Qualifications:


•           Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science preferred with 4-6 years of technical experience in software development environment

•           Proven technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design and implementation

•           Good analytical and design skills at single product/single environment level

•           Basic skills in research and analysis, project planning and implementation

•           Basic understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation and quality assurance

•           Basic awareness of business issues as they impact overall project plans

•           Excellent communications and interpersonal skills




Karthik |Surya Systems Inc 

Direct 215-764-5781 |


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