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Requirement : - H1B is fine.

6 months

New Business Analyst Requirement - TNT -Chicago IL- 3M-4M

Role: Sr. Business Analyst

Background of position/project:
The group has both direct reconciliation responsibility for over 1,200 accounts and governance responsibility for a few hundred more. For the 1,200 accounts over which the group has direct responsibility, the reconciliations have been grouped into over 300 "reconciliation events" and a tracking methodology/tool has been implemented.

The tracking tool currently indicates reconciliations are not completed timely. These results need to be validated.
The tracking tool is for a group of 15 partners but must relate (i.e., tie) to a corporate-wide account reconciliation tool. A tie-ing methodology has been developed but needs to be validated.
Reconciliations may or not not be appropriately prepared. Reconciliation been need to be validated as to their method and source document.
A corporate-wide reconciliation policy was recently issued, which lists several characteristics a reconciliation is required to have. We need to determine whether our approach meets the minimum standards.
For the several hundred accounts over which we have governance responsibility, we must through forensic means determine the most appropriate Northern Trust partner to be officially assigned reconciliation responsibility.

The consultant we seek will have a strong financial auditing background. Will be comfortable with forensic approaches to data (i.e., situations in which there is no obvious expert about the balance or the account). Will have a strong understanding of effective reconciliation techniques.

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