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Kindly help with resumes,


Job Title: Sybase DBA

Experience Level  5-8YEAR

City:  Boston

Duration: 6 month

Maximum Rate: Open


Job Description:


Skill(s) Sybase Application Admin (L2) , Sybase T-SQL Programming (L4) , DB Modeling (L1)


-->Sybase Application Admin(L2)-Understanding of Database Architecture  Awareness on Application DBA BasicsAbility to understand Basic DB Administration  Ability to understand DBAdministration Tools  Working Knowledge of database specific data movementtools  Strong knowledge in Database Architecture  Ability to performApplication DBA activities (Like Application/ Development Support Admin)Working knowledge on DB Administration using Tools (OEM)  Ability to understandDatabase Upgrade  Ability to understand Database Migration Process


-->Sybase T-SQL Programming(L4)-Database Programming Basics:  Ability to understand and implement DeclaringVariables, Building Blocks, Control Structures, Cursors, Error Handing,Creating Procedures and Creating Database Triggers  Adv Database Programming: Ability to understand and implement programming with locks and isolation andworking with temporary tables  Adv Database Programming:  Ability to understandand implement Working with Stored Procedures, Working with Triggers, Updatingand deleting through cursors and using cursors in stored procedures,Transaction Management, Working with locks and isolation  SQL Developer Toolfor Database Programming  Tools Level 1 Usage  Adv Database Programming: Ability to Tune T/SQL Applications for Performance, Maintaining dataconsistancy and recovery, tempdb and performance, deadlock and concurrency,Triggers advantage and restrictions,  Understanding of Database MigrationProcess:   Understanding of Database Upgrade:   Ability to work on DatabaseUpgrade using T/SQL  Ability to work on Database Migrations using T/SQLExposure to Data Migration Tools  Exposure to Multi DB - Multi PlatformMigration


-->DB Modeling(L1)-RDBMS -  Exposure to Basic Relational Database Concepts - basic types ofdatabases, data integrity, the relational model,etc  Ability to understandbasics of DB Design , Logical modeling , Normalization &  De-NormalizationTechniques  Woking knowledge of DB Design/Modeling techniques(Logical andPhysical DB modeling)  Ability to understaning of Conceptual Model  Advknowledge of Logical &  Physical modeling  Knowledge of one Modeling Tool (LikeERWin, ER Studio, Visio, Power Designer, SELECT etc)  Implementation Experienceof Logical &  Physical Database Modeling for Small / Medium ApplicationDatabases.







Sr. Resource Manager –Recruitment & Staffing
Net2Source Inc.,

MBE Certified - NMSDC

SBE Certified (State of NJ)
Board: (201) 340 8700 Ext.: 413

Desk: (201) 340 8700 Ext.: 413| Fax: (201) 221-8131


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