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To:Public mailing list for Arch Linux development From:Pierre Schmitz Subject:[arch-dev-public] Unscheduled wiki downtime Date:Sun, 06 May 2012 11:38:04 +0200

Hi all,

the wiki will be down for one or two hours today as I need to finally
fix our encoding problems. I'll try to reduce the actual downtime by
setting it to readonly as long as possible.

At some point in history an update must have gone wrong. As a result we
now have a mix of latin1, utf8 and binary fields which leads to problems
when used within the same query. Since version 1.19 non-latin1 pages can
no longer be edited.

As our database schema is very different (we have different field
types, additional columns and tables) from what you get when you do a
new install I figured it would be easiest to dump the current data and
reinstall the wiki from scratch.

As the forums are hosted on the same server these might be a little
slower during that time.



Pierre Schmitz,