Message info Subject:[pulseaudio-tickets] [Bug 42876] Pulseaudio wants HDMI - HDMI not connected Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 16:22:52 +0000

--- Comment #2 from enigma <> 2012-03-18 09:22:52 PDT ---
Thank You for the reply


Sorry. That is why I am on this side of the bug reports.

"You have an HDMI output but do not wish to use it."

I do have an HDMI plug on the rear of my machine but I have never used it. My
sound system uses the standard stereo phone jack which is plugged into the
motherboard. (ASUS M4A89GTD, ALC892 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC
Supports 192khz/24bit BD Loseless sound - DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC -
Supports Jack-Detection, Multi-Streaming, and Front Panel Jack Retasking -
Optical S/PDIF Out port at back I/O - ASUS Noise Filter)

"You have a "normal" card"

I don't know if it is 'normal' but there is nothing special about it. I have
not modified it in any way.

"PulseAudio always selects the HDMI output, which you do not want."

Yes. It appears to be my machine's default and come hell or high water nothing
is going to change it. I have tried using outside mixers and pulseaudio's own
managersbut when my machine restart I see a message telling that my choice is
not working and the sound is falling back onto HDMI with no sound.

I cannot totally remove it because as you know it is a integral part of almost
everything I am running. My solution of granting it no access to any
~/home/user files does keep it inoperable. Certainly not a solution but a

Hope this helps.

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