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To:Vincent Vande Vyvre From:admin lewis Subject:Re: dpkg status Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 17:43:51 +0100

2012/3/18 Vincent Vande Vyvre <>:
> OK, you know apt, I see (your blog).
> But packages have no url, just repositery.
> I see your link python-apt, this doc is very minimalistic, maybe you can
> find repositeries infos of packages with aptsources.distinfo, but methods
> are not documented.

Well no, I need something like the following:

import apt_pkg

tagf = apt_pkg.TagFile(open('/home/lightbox/status'))
for section in tagf:
print indirizzo

with the following output:

but the best sould be that the script make the download of deb automatically..
infact if u see the output u will see that is not correct.. because the section
texlive-lang-all doesn't exist and the correct one is texlive-lang
I dont know if i have to connect to the cache of apt or simply i need
of source.list..
thanks for any help

P.S. the /home/lightbox/status is a partial file of /var/lib/dpkg/status

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