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--- Comment #3 from Vincent Penquerc'h <> 2012-03-30 15:46:32 UTC ---
> I do no understand what " flush each packet on its own page" could mean...
> unless it was like each subtitle buffer would display on a different frame but
> still it makes no sense to have the wrong duration.. I checked the CMML
> encoder.. found no reference or any similar code...
> Also, I think if there was really a problem with the duration it should be set
> to GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE, not to G_MAXINT64...

That was for hysterical raisins, and setting a very large packet duration (not
no duration) was the only way to force oggmux to flush a page after the packet.
Without this, oggmux would wait for another page to look at its timestamp
before deciding whether to flush or not, as it was hoping it could wait for
more data to fit more onto a page - but next kate buffer could be seconds or
minutes later.

This is now obsolete as oggmux knows to flush discontinous codecs, but the hack
had been forgotten till bug 668833 was reported.

The original cmmlenc hack was removed in 2010.

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