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thanks Nicola, I need some control over the pipeline, seeking, message hander, etc.
Is the a way to do this? I ask this beacause this line creates the pipeline:
 str = g_strdup_printf ("( "
      "filesrc location=%s ! qtdemux name=d "
      "d. ! queue ! rtph264pay pt=96 name=pay0 "
      "d. ! queue ! rtpmp4apay pt=97 name=pay1 " ")", argv[1]);

but how I name/get it to do further 'enhacements' to the pipeline? is this possible?



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Il 05/04/2012 21:42, Rossana Guerra ha scritto:
If I understood you well, I need to use avidemux and then a payloader.
I did it as my pipeline shows, so the linking to a payloader is the only missing?

I have something
decodebin2 ------ ....some other artifacts......--------- queue // for audio
filescr ---avidemux----
decodebin2 -------- ........ ---------- queue // for video


please take a look here:

adjust demuxer and payloder for your case,


2012/4/5 Rossana Guerra <>

2012/4/5 Stefan Sauer <>
On 04/05/2012 03:23 AM, Rossana Guerra wrote:
Hi everyone, I am very clueless about it since I didn't find so much documentation whic could help me.
I need something like the *test-ogg.c* example but suited for AVI files. In the example the following line creates the pipeline:

str = g_strdup_printf ("( "
"filesrc location=%s ! oggdemux name=d "
"d. ! queue ! rtptheorapay name=pay0 pt=96 "
"d. ! queue ! rtpvorbispay name=pay1 pt=97 " ")", argv[1]);

1- Is the any AVI payloader?, if not, what is the way to do it?
You would not stream the avi as such, but demux it and playload the streams inside the avi (the audio and video). For those there should be payloader (e.g. mpeg4 and mp3).

Stefan thanks for your answer, could you suggest any example or reading?
Second, I need some control using a message hander, is this possible?. I don't have idea which the pipeline is.




2- I suppose I can handle messages as usual, isn't it?.

I don't loose my hope for any suggestion, thanks and regards


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