Message info From:Stuart Rackham Subject:Re: yet another book written with AsciiDoc! Date:Fri, 06 Apr 2012 09:08:40 +1200

On 06/04/12 01:16, Tomek Kaczanowski wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
>> I like the admonition icon set, is it public domain?
> The icons are from
> They are not free, but all you have to do to use them is to mention
> their origin: "The set contains 208 icons and is available free of
> charge for personal and commercial projects, with attribution
> required." Another nice thing about them is that they come also as SVG
> so you can scale them as you wish.

Thanks for that.

>> I've added it to the list
> Thanks! BTW. There is a typo there: Practial -> Practical, could you
> fix it?


Cheers, Stuart

>> post a link when you get round to your blog.
> Sure I will!
>> P.S. the slideshare Sample chapter was blank in Google Chrome 18.0 but was fine
>> in Firefox 11.0, some sort of browser incompatibility?
> Thanks for reporting, but I thinks it is rather some SlideShare issue
> - nothing I could fix myself I guess.
> --
> Regards,
> Tomek Kaczanowski

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