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Thanks for providing this interesting background information. Where
would the slaves have been from? Were slaves more common on some
islands than others?

Mary K

On Feb 19, 12:16pm, joao ventura <> wrote:
> After finishing the genealogy of Norte Grande, there are some impressions of the village that I would like to share with the list.
> There are two independent communities: Norte Grande and Santo Antnio. It is like two different villages, who share a common church. The richer people live in Norte Grande, while the poor live in Santo Antnio. People from one place don't usually marry someone from the other.
> I also found a single mother refered to as: prostitute.
> The number of slaves is not significant, but there are two brothers, former slaves, that became free and one of them has descendants until today.
> There is an important remark on a single mother: the child was born in Calheta and the grandfather took the baby to be baptized in Norte Grande (middle of the 1600's) to avoid public shame, because he was related to the important families of Calheta. Again social status playing an important role in the community.
> Joo Ventura
> Terceira

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