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To:Blacktree: Quicksilver From:Anthony Subject:ß66 not launching scripts directly w/ "Run" Date:Thu, 5 Apr 2012 12:35:53 -0700 (PDT)

Prior to installing 66, I could trigger Quicksilver, type in a
command name (in a directory I've separately added to my catalog), and
hit enter. The default action (possibly through training, I don't
recall, but it's been that way for quite some time) was "Run" and the
command would launch.

Now, when I use the same workflow, when I hit enter Quicksilver
immediately returns asking for input to the third pane. I can hit
enter again to run the command.

The default action is now "Run [...]". I feel like there used to be a
"Run" action (without the "[...]") in prior releases, but I'm not
certain. The current behavior can be observed here:

Note that these are not "results" from the command causing Quicksilver
to return; myterm (the example command in the video) isn't running
until after the second enter, at the returned prompt. I've tried with
commands which only immediately produce output, and it produces the
output in a third display of the bezel interface (as I'd expect).

Can anyone confirm this behavior, or can anyone who hasn't updated yet
confirm the existence of the "Run" (without "[...]") action?

Thanks for your work on this indispensable tool.