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Great, I look forward to interacting with people in various cities when I visit there and chat about butterflies. A quick update on my availability/schedule:

I will be visiting the Natural History Museum, London, for my work on Indian butterflies from 25 Feb-31 Mar. If you have any questions that need to be resolved by checking out specimens, let me know.

I will be in Sikkim for field work almost all of April-May, part of July-August and then once again Oct-Nov this year. I will stop by in Kolkata on the way/back from Sikkim to talk to people there. Arjan’s group is doing wonderful work with butterfly gardening and documentation, and I would love to talk to them about butterfly ecology, taxonomy, how I record and maintain my quantitative observations, and so on.

I have been looking forward to visiting Yashodan’s butterfly garden for a while. Now that I am back, I will make time to visit. Yashodan, let’s plan this outside the group first.

I will also be making a couple of trips this year to the Garo Hills and Arunchal, and I will spend a few days in Guwahati, so we could have a meeting there as well. Pune and Thane/Mumbai can be done when I visit home in Pune and go to Yeoor for butterfly-watching, but the dates are yet unknown. I used to go to Yeoor a lot when I was in college, but haven’t managed to make many trips recently. I miss the place and I will be sure to visit Thane asap. Shyam, Amol and I have discussed collaborating on research projects with their students/group members several times. We should perhaps have a field trip for a methods-type workshop accompanying a series of lectures. There are certainly enough people in Thane and Pune who would be up for this. Bengaluru should also be easy. Maybe Ashok would want to take the lead here and organize something for/with his students?

One idea is to have special ButterflyIndia meets every year where the main emphasis will be on the scientific aspects and methods of studying butterflies, rather than simple butterfly-watching. Other ButterflyIndia meets can be regular meets where emphasis is on watching and photographing butterflies, as before.

Anyway, these are just some ideas. Let’s see what you people are interested in. I do hope that more ideas will emerge from this group and some of them will take off as well as the idea of ButterflyIndia annual meets took off from 2004. We will also need people to take the initiative and start organizing this type of workshops (Yashodan’s group had one in Goa last December).

Rasika, thanks for starting this!

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This is a great idea and we have already seen these is a good response. I would like to extend it beyond Krushnamegh and Butterflies. We can have several Butterfly experts interacting with members in such forums. I can see this happening very soon in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolkata, Trivendrum, Gangtok, Goa to name few, since we have good numbers and active members present in these cities. We have several people who can talk about butterflies and moths.

Let us see members from which city go ahead and initiate these interactions first.




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