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And that includes me...

yes friends, once upon a time we used to receive lots of images from  all of us, now the numbers  have come down as  all of us can see.

 A great  performance  comes from the artist and the audience applause, very  often  nice pictures come up but the response  from our end is almost missing..Very often krushnamegh and  Isaac Kehimkar have some  encouraging words to say,  I think we all  ought to emulate them. That is what will encourage the others to send more of their images.

  A good butterfly photographer from Mumbai  told me a few months ago," I prefer to post on Facebook as there is  some response from the viewers.... When i send the images to Butterfly India is  as if i  have posted them against some dead wall"

Vijay Barve the leader of the group is trying his best with  new themes but  i am sure the response from the rest of us could be  better,  As  Butterfly India has more  than 1000 members

We have to work on  two fronts  one will to get  people to send pictures , the other side will be to ask members to send words  of encouragement to  those  who have posted if you are reluctant to post    your letter on the group   please send a a personal  message to the  contributor.   Almost all artists like some feedback on their work.

Also most of us check the mails on weekends unfortunately sometimes there is no mail on these  two vital days,  could we   have another moderator  who will  help out on these two days.

Suggestion no 3 would be  Could someone pick up the  images from facebook and upload it on  this site  on a once  a week basis.  All the photos can come under one mail entitled...Images from Facebook this week.  Of course a common  consensus  is required regarding this  suggestion.

   Any other suggestions from readers how we can revitalise this group are welcome

 Nelson  Rodrigues

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