Message info From:Jim - FooBar(); Subject:Re: why can i not shut-down my pc from Java? Date:Mon, 07 May 2012 22:09:41 +0100

On 07/05/12 21:59, Aaron Cohen wrote:
> You invoke your multimethod with 2 arguments. You need to change your
> dispatch function to take 2 arguments (it can ignore them if you don't
> need them).

Thanks Aaron - it did the trick! I did not realize that multi-methods
cannot be overloaded...

> Also... do you actually find this easier to read? How many OSes are
> you eventually planning to support?
Well, i hate nested ifs so yeah this is a bit clearer and more
extensible. You know very well that there is really only one OS...aaaa
and stinky windows of course! ;-)


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