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To:Computer Tech Support From:Wahid Salah Subject:[computer-tech-support: 8398] Re: partitions crowded in Windows 7 and a huge file Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 09:01:32 -0700 (PDT)

about having two windows...I suspect the device has physically two
different windows, and you dont need this, since there could be
conflict sometimes and space-wise it is not good all you need
to do, is point the mouse over the Windows directory, and try to
delete it, if it is the working one, you will not be able to do so.

If the working windows is in the D:, then trying to format the C: may
bring your computer to unbootable since the BOOT file I would thing is
located there,.....others may assure this more clearly than I would.

If you managed to google and seek help in converting the image file
you mentioned(5GB) to a DVD and bring it to boot, then I would
recommend you back up all files and documents you need and do a fresh
installation of the windows,,,while making sure you:
1. gain new space available in C:, with the fresh copy
2. no residuals of previously installed and uninstalled apps.
3. have the image stored on a dvd for crisis.
4. have a clean view of the C or D...and then the D is clean and ready
for your files.

On Mar 15, 3:32pm, Ceresia <> wrote:
> Sounds like the big file is one of many used to restore a machine to
> factory settings, if you do not plan to use restore options then get
> rid of it, but be careful.
> Click into your start menu, once there enter the search box and type
> Once in MSCONFIG go to the BOOT tab and see what boot options and
> partitions are being used.
> To gain more space on your main OS partition you will need to extend
> the volume, which is also some steps in case you didnt get anywhere
> Open your start menu again, point to the search field and type
> Once there you will see all your partitions, by default windows will
> not let you remove a drive letter of a boot volume, so go to each of
> the partitions and Right-Click and hit Change Drive Letter or Paths,
> once in that menu try to remove the drive letter. The one you are
> able to remove is the one that you can clear out.
> Depending on your partition layout HOPEFULLY it will look like this:
> SYSTEM (roughly 100MB) || OS Partition (14GB) || Second Windows
> Partition || Third partition
> If that is the case then clean out the second partition by either
> moving files you want to keep to the third, or just by removing the
> volume completely in diskmgmt
> Once you remove it you can extend the size of the OS partition and
> make the 2 partitions one, but you can only do this if the partition
> you want to extend has a partition AFTER it.
> I hope I didn't lose you in all of this, feel free to respond back
> with questions or comments.

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