Message info From:John Imperatore Subject:[Coworking] Free coworking stresses the importance of community building and social capital Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:46:54 -0400

I have been working on opening a coworking office in NJ. One of the biggest lessons Ive learned in this process is that defining coworking too closely is a trap. The needs of members and the community are a moving target. The minute you start informing people what it is, you risk limiting what it can become.

I dont see free coworking as the pure or ideal end to this journey. As I see it, free is just another price point. As long as you are creating value, you should welcome returns. If all coworking spaces sought to exist under one model, there becomes a risk of commoditizing the movement. In all the forums I have read, there is an acceptable level of agreement on the core values of this movement. I feel it benefits the coworking community, in the long run, to encourage freedom within these values. In order to deliver to the specific needs of each community.

John Imperatore
Plugged Inn

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