Message info From:Mateusz Kijowski Subject:Bug#604174: Status of mysql-workbench Date:Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:06:36 +0100

2012/2/16 David Paleino <>:
> Hello Mateusz,

Hi David,

> I'm once again NMUing mysql-gui-tools, to fix a RC bug. I use it everyday, so
> it would really be sad seeing it go away without an alternative. I once used
> -workbench, and it seemed nice (even if I didn't use it for more than 5
> minutes, so I don't know if it's suitable as a drop-in replacement for
> -gui-tools; but I believe yes, since also upstream says so).

I have never been using mysql-gui-tools, so I don't really know if
mysql-workbench is really a drop-in replacement. It is usable though
and I use it daily.

> Anyhow; what's the status of this ITP? Do you need a sponsor? If yes, I'm
> available. If you're having problems finding a sponsor within the pkg-mysql
> team, I believe you can keep the repo there, and anyone from outside can
> sponsor it.

The status seems to be "waiting for review". I have contacted Norbert
Tretkowski quite some time ago, and after a brief e-mail conversation
he told me that he would review the package, but propably he couldn't
time to do it. The package is not lintian clean (the biggest issue
being embedded tinyxml library) so I didn't forward it to . So in fact I do not only need a sponsor but I
need a review and some advice as well. It would be really great if you
would find time to do both.

I do not have r/w access to the pkg-mysql SVN repository, so probably
the repository does not have to be there. I have been using git to
track my changes to the package.

> I hope all the problems ftp-masters raised were fixed.

The only issue that was not addressed was a suggestion concerning
separating the documentation from the main package.

> If you want me to sponsor it, since I'm not part of pkg-mysql *and* I'm not
> used anymore to SVN-packaging, please make a package and upload it to
> Then send me the link, so that I can review it.

The newest upstream version seems to complain about autotools in sid.
As soon as I deal with it, I'll upload the package to mentors and
inform you then.

> I just marked the -gui-tools RC bug "replace with -workbench" as blocked by
> this bug; it would be nice to have both solved in time for wheezy.

Hopefully they both will be fixed in time.



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