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To:Jakob Haufe From:Adam Borowski Subject:Bug#666336: your ITP for tcng Date:Fri, 30 Mar 2012 17:06:21 +0200

Hi, Jakob!

Do you still intend to take over tcng? You ITA-ed it in September.
There's more and more bitrot, this time a FTBFS due to changes in LaTeX.

Could you tell me whether you:

a) would take it over soon?
(ie, nothing for me to do)

b) take it later, but before Wheezy freezes?
(ie, I'd fix the FTBFS and upload it, orphaning it)

c) not anytime in foreseeable future, if at all?
(ie, I'd file a RM immediately)

It's as dead upstream as it was for the last eight years, kernels and
netfilter keep moving forward, so my reasons for removal still stand.

Cheers and schtuff!
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