Message info From:Nicolas Dandrimont Subject:Bug#631212: Patch not complete, python-cloudservers is broken in squeeze in a different way Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:25:39 +0100

clone 631212 -1
retitle -1 python-cloudservers: breaks with the python2.7-provided argparse
# The patch provided by Carl only fixes the issue in wheezy/sid
tags -1 wheezy sid patch
tags 631212 squeeze

Hello Carl, dear maintainer,

Unfortunately python-cloudservers is broken in squeeze and in wheezy/sid
in two different ways:

- In squeeze, an unconditional dependency on python-simplejson is
needed for the python2.5 module to work.

- In wheezy/sid, the simplejson dependency is useless (as it is
provided by python2.6 and 2.7).

But cloudservers now breaks with the python2.7-provided argparse
module, which doesn't register itself in the pkg-resources

I think your patch fixes the second issue, but of course it doesn't fix
the package in squeeze which should be fixed separately, hence the bug

Furthermore, I think there could be a cleaner option to remove the
"argparse" requirement in pkg-resources, and I think this was done in
the past for simplejson, when it became provided by python2.6.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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