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To:Sven Joachim From:Jan Harnisch Subject:Bug#658546: Workarounds found Date:Mon, 07 May 2012 22:54:03 +0200


> Disabling acceleration kills performance, so this is really the last
> resort.

It also leads to minor graphics glitches (the frame borders around the
windows are sometimes not redrawn correctly), but I greatly prefer this
over editor windows without visible text ;-)

>> I might add that in Jeroens' case the problem occurred although he
>> uses only one single monitor, however with a higher number of
>> pixels. So maybe the problem is somehow related to a limited amount of
>> graphics memory.
> Seems unlikely to me, your card seems to have 128 MB memory and Jeroen's
> has even 256 if I read his report correctly.

I also doubt that the problem is about _physical_ memory. But maybe it
has something to do with the amount of memory that the graphics driver
allocates for doing its stuff (and just as a background information,
driver programming is almost as obscure to me as understanding women, so
I am probably completely wrong about this). My main point was just that
two monitors seem not to be a requirement for reproducing the bug.

>> 2. the file /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf did not yet exist and had to
>> be created. I also ran update-initramfs -u to put the option into the
>> initrd (didn´t test whether it also works without that, though).
> By default graphics drivers are not included in the initramfs, so that
> should not be necessary.

This is interesting to know; thank you.

Best regards,


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