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To:Adam Batkin From:Kurt Hindenburg Subject:Re: [Konsole-devel] Review Request: Finer grained choices for X Selection/Clipboard Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 15:34:51 -0000

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On March 8th, 2012, 10:20 a.m., Jekyll Wu wrote:

Well, after re-reading and re-considering this wish for some time, I feel that original report is a mixture of two related but different issues:

1). Users are confused by the difference between Selection and Clipboard in X11. 

2). Users want the handy feature of "copy selected text into clipboard automatically when using Konsole"

For issue 1), I would say: If a user is confused or annoyed by X11 Selection, the best and easiest solution is just ignore and never use that feature. Do copying and pasting in the same explicit way as in other systems. No unique feature, and no confusion.

For issue 2), It is tricky. 
  First, it is generally problematic by nature. As the reporter and Adam have mentioned, that means "I can't replace the selected text using previously copied text". That would be a big problem for a text editor. However, its impact for Konsole is much smaller or almost zero because you generally do not perform that kind of operation in Konsole. 

  Second, I notice that Adam mostly ignores Selection except when using Konsole. That is interesting. I guess one main reason is when using Konsole you can't copy selected text into clipboard quickly and explicitly using the well known "Ctrl+C" shortcut. You either use mouse to do it from the context menu(which is slow compared to keyboard), or use some shortcut other than "Ctrl+C" (which is also slow because your muscle remembers Ctrl+C much much better).

  So my understanding is that "Ctrl+C" problem is the start point of Adam's suggestion and patch. If so, the patch only needs to introduce one check box : "copy selected text into....".  Then you can use "Shift+Insert" consistently for pasting in Konsole. 
  The extra option for changing the semantic of middle-click-pasting is cool and might be handy(I personally like it), but it is too big a step for only Konsole to provide that unconventional option itself.
Adam, do you agree w/ Jekyll's analyse?  I would tend to agree that having the one checkbox is the way to go for now.

- Kurt

On March 6th, 2012, 12:48 a.m., Adam Batkin wrote:'); background-position: left top; background-repeat: repeat-x; border: 1px black solid;">
Review request for Konsole.
By Adam Batkin.

Updated March 6, 2012, 12:48 a.m.


* Creates new "Mouse" Profile Options tab with all of the mouse stuff
* Selected text can now go to X Selection AND Clipboard (instead of ONLY X Selection)
* Middle-Mouse clicks can paste from X Selection or Profile

The whole rationale here is that I almost never care about the X Selection (and
I'm probably not alone). And in the few cases where I DO care, well, that's my
problem. So this patch leaves all of the defaults as-is (no one will notice a
change) but for people for whom it makes a difference, now they can control
what is going on.
Bugs: 183490


  • src/EditProfileDialog.h (c669b7f)
  • src/EditProfileDialog.cpp (cbb4875)
  • src/EditProfileDialog.ui (9208009)
  • src/Profile.h (698019b)
  • src/Profile.cpp (5e0a0e2)
  • src/SessionController.h (46714c0)
  • src/SessionController.cpp (e937753)
  • src/TerminalDisplay.cpp (c26d5a9)

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konsole "Mouse" profile configuration tab