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following question arrived and I think I will x-post it here in the
group :) Hope you're ok with that:

Hello Robert,
> What kind of server configuration and OS will you recommend for care2x
for a hospital with about 40 personnel. We are also integrating webERP
for the accounting and billing purpose. Any suggestion would be welcome

The correct answer would be: As more you will have, as more you'll get.

I think the absolute minimum requirement are given by linux itself. Here
the System requirements for Ubuntu server [1] :

RAM: 128 MB
Harddisk: 500 GB

But this is the absolute minimum you should have - and it will not make
fun if you have that minimum in productive use - it will work. If
possible think about 1GB RAM and a CPU what will work with 1GHz - that
would be my recommendation of system requirement if you would use it as

Ram is more important than CPU - the old "golden rule". If you have more
than 2 GB Ram, let say 4GB, take a look to 64bit Linux as server. 32bit
Linux is faster when you have 1-2 GB Ram and slower if you have 4GB.
64bit will be "slower" by having 1-2 GB Ram and much faster when you
have 4 or more GB ram. I have not found any other limitations by using
64bit Linux so far. If you have e.g. an 32bit server and 4GB of
physically RAM installed, just 3.2GB will be used - by 64bit system all
of the RAM of 4GB will be used.

Hope it helps


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