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To:Pete Travis From:Jack Reed Subject:Re: Anaconda logging in Installation guide Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 17:14:48 +1000

Hi Pete,

More comprehensive information on this is probably a good idea, although
I think it would be best suited to an appendix. The logging info
currently in adminoptions.xml is there because it pertains to a boot
option, which is the focus of that chapter. However, placing a more
substantial explanation of different logging options elsewhere in the
guide may disrupt flow, so an appendix that we can refer readers to at
any key points in the guide proper might be the way to go. This would
also lend itself to the detailed structure you've suggested.

That said, I may feel differently when I see the angle you take in
documenting this. What are your thoughts on where it should go?



On 03/29/2012 04:54 PM, Pete Travis wrote:
> Hey Jack,
> I've been thinking more about expanding the logging features
> covered in the IG. Currently, this is addressed in adminoptions.xml,
> along with boot options, but I think the breadth of information
> available justifies breaking out logging into it's own set of files:
> 1)intro and includes
> 2)log types, loglevels, formats
> 3)runtime logs and post-install files
> 4)serial console / logging
> 5)rsyslog, examples
> 6)virtio logging, examples
> The wiki page is fairly comprehensive, so I think I can work it out
> over the weekend. Any thoughts on this structure?
> --Pete

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