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To:Chris Johnson From:Ken Etter Subject:Re: [EDI-L] 5030 990 B1 query Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 08:39:17 -0700 (PDT)



We (as in anyone who has actually done very much mapping) all share your sentiments..   Specs are a nice guideline, but when the customer wants data a certain way, you can only push so far.

Welcome to the real X12 world...

Perhaps you can share with Doug who your Trading Partner is, he can then contact that TP's EDI team and REQUIRE them to meet the X12 spec...  I'm quite sure that will be a wonderfully futile exercise...


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Subject: Re: [EDI-L] 5030 990 B1 query

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<>, by Leah
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>However, 6 is going to violate the X12 standard.  So, creative is a
>nice word for it.  I'd suggest asking them WTH?  Nicely, of course.


Thanks for the reassurance. Unfortunately the transaction is directed at
an 800lb gorilla and, from experience, a polite WTH query normally
elicits an equally polite "it's OK for everyone else so fix your end,
buddy" response. I can fix it easily enough but I hate sending
syntactically incorrect EDI.

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