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To:Empath Support Forum From:PeterA Subject:[empath- ESG: 14365] Disappearing landscape Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 08:33:55 -0700 (PDT)


I have a client that I never met. We work via email. She has gone from
suicidal to a state of mind where she can begin to let somebody in to
her life. She have had all reasons to protect herself after
experiences with abuse.

Our work has taken the image of a journey through a landscape, where
she and I have walked together, with her being at different ages, from
child to a grown up woman and back to the early teens.
Our images of this landscape has been very syncronized. We both know
what age she is at the time, and what is ahead of us.

Today I was on a medical eximination that required a rather heavy
medication of tranquilizers and painkiller, injected directly through
an IV.
I am not allowed to drive a car until tomorrow, that is how long the
effect of the medication last.

The funny thing is that I am completely inside my head and body right
now. Even if I try, my thoughts couldn't travel even to the front
door. I can't feel at all what anyone else feel. It's a very weird
feeling, and at the same time, like a mini holiday :)

I just got an email from this client, who writes that she can no
longer see the landscape.....


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