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To:Eskie Allies From:Louise Coyer Subject:[eskiepeople:18809] Cricket Surgery Chip-in update. Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 11:28:24 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
Just wanted to remind everyone again of the Chip-in we are holding for Cricket's surgery in the morning.  Still plenty of time to make a small donation to help the bigger picture here.  Every dollar raised is one dollar less that we have to take from helping the next senior.  Or even for buying dog food and paying basic vet care.  You guys know how hard it is to make expenses meet for one or two dogs. Multiply that by a dozen for most of us rescuers.
Sorry, don't want to start preaching and rambling again.
Here's the ever important link:
Or you can donate to our paypal account: .  Or send to our snail mail addy which is the same as on the Christmas card list.
Many, many thanks,
PS:  We will post updates on Cricket after her surgery tomorrow.Louise, Ray, and the Furkids  
Ray and Louise Coyer, Directors
Walnut Hill Farm Am. Eskimo Dog Rescue
IN-KY Heart Bandits AE Dog Rescue

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Cricket Therapy Girl.jpg