Message info From:Evgenii Rudnyi Subject:Re: Primitive Awareness and Symmetry: Late error detection Date:Thu, 05 Apr 2012 22:53:07 +0200

On 05.04.2012 21:44 meekerdb said the following:
> On 4/5/2012 11:49 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
>>> Display to whom? the homunculus?
>> No, he creates an interesting scheme to escape the homunculus:
>> p. 110. (1) the unconscious brain constructs a display in a medium,
>> that of conscious perception, fundamentally different from its usual
>> medium of electrochemical activity in and between nerve cells;
> Is it a physical medium, made of quarks and electrons? Is it an
> immaterial soul stuff? Or is it just a placeholder name for a gap in the
> theory?

It is just a placeholder. The modern science cannot explain the nature
of that medium.

>> (2) it inspects the conscious constructed display;
> Is the display conscious or the 'it' that's doing the inspection.

It is the unconscious brain.

>> (3) it uses the results of the display to change the working of its
>> usual electrochemical medium.
> Sounds like a soul or homunculus to me.

Here it again the unconscious brain. As I have written, 'consciousness
display' just gives new possibilities to the unconscious brain to rule
over all the servomechanisms.

>> Hence the unconscious brain does the job.
> But the display is denoted 'conscious'? Is it not part of the brain?

It is an open question. For example Gray asks

Might it be the case that, if one put a slice of V4 in a dish in this
way, it could continue to sustain colour qualia? Functionalists have a
clear answer to this question: no, because a slice of V4, disconnected
from its normal visual inputs and motor outputs, cannot discharge the
functions associated with the experience of colour. But, if we had a
theory that started, not from function, but from brain tissue, maybe it
would give a different answer. Alas, no such theory is to hand. Worse,
even one had been proposed, there is no known way of detecting qualia in
a brain slice!.

No one knows. This is the state of the art.

>> I should say that this does not answer my personal inquiry on how I
>> perceive a three dimensional world, but this is another problem. In
>> his book, Jeffrey Gray offers quite a plausible scheme.
> Doesn't sound anymore plausible than a conscious spirit.
> Brent

When Gray considers would be explanations, he mentions dualism and
panpsychism (for example quantum consciousness). Yet, he does not give
an answer. His statement is that we do not have a theory of consciousness.

However, the phenomenon is there and he has shown how to research it in
the lab.


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