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--- In, "Buck" <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote:
> Potential? For instance in reading the 'agreement', the moment Rick Archer and some other notables here would sign such a document they'd be off to New Jersey defending themselves for damages against TM and its people that this FairfieldLife forum has caused. It would be enforceable and particularly enforced in Rick's case. They hate him. You should hear the things they say! The real TM-TB'ers, I've heard them plenty of times express themselves like farmers whose cattle got out through the fence when it comes to Rick Archer. It's not nice.
> -Buck
Buck, you're spinning.  And it's not working, as far as I'm concerned.  Number one,  you're not Rick Archer.  Number two, it is likely they have read everything you have written here, and are not trying to frame you.

They are giving you what you claim to desperately want, and not asking for much in return.  In fact they are asking you to sign what is likely to be a non enforceable disclaimer, and you are making it into an insurmountable obstacle.  Your bluff as been called Buck.  It's time to PU or SU.

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