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Thank you Judy.  I loved plays like a conversation.  And I will certainly listen to it several more times.  There is little I like more on a Sunday morning than classical.  

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> > Thanks Barry, that's what happens when I don't see something
> > until 5 years after it occurred.
> On the other hand, there are folks on FFL now who weren't
> there for the previous discussion.
> I have a number of beefs with the whole experiment. One
> of them is the choice of instrument and music. It's almost
> as if the choices were made to ensure that as few people
> as possible would be arrested by the music as they hurried
> to work. The Bach Chaconne in particular is not a piece
> that most people would instantly recognize as "beautiful"
> unless they had had considerable exposure to classical
> music. I have had such exposure, and Bach is my favorite
> composer, but I didn't begin to appreciate the Chaconne
> until I'd heard it four or five times.

Here's the complete Chaconne played by Gidon Kremer, if
anybody's interested:

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