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On 03/18/2012 04:05 AM, turquoiseb wrote:
> My extended family is away visiting their families in the US, leaving me
> alone in the house (if you don't count two dogs and two cats), and thus
> free to do things I can't do as easily while they are here. One of those
> things is to watch TV during the day. This morning I decided to switch
> on the cable TV box (which probably has not been turned on in the last
> few months) and watch a few Sunday Morning shows. I come away from the
> experience very impressed by one of them, BBC1's "The Big Questions."
> The format is yer basic public debate. There are two rows of bleachers,
> each containing 20-30 *extremely* literate and well-spoken people, and
> separated by a moderator who really knows his stuff and keeps the
> dialogue flowing with a minimum of rancor.
> Color me impressed. The topics I saw debated this morning included "Is
> the Church (meaning the CoE) at a crossroads?" and "Is scientific
> testing on animals ethical?" and "Are many gods better than one?"
> Since the debators included many members of both the scientific and
> religious communities (the latter including Christians, Hindus, Muslims,
> and even Pagans and the occasional atheist), the discussion was
> high-level, intelligent, and remarkably civil. It's the latter two
> qualities that most impress me, especially having in recent weeks having
> watched as much as I could stomach of what passes for intelligent debate
> in America.
> Part of the difference I attribute to the dumbing down of America. Being
> smart, well-educated, and able to express your opinions is actually
> characterized as being a "snob" there. In Britain this is clearly not
> true. I haven't seen so many educated, well-spoken people on one TV show
> in years. I say, "Good for the Scorpion Nation."
> Is there anything even remotely like this in the US? I certainly don't
> remember anything from when I lived there, at least on the major
> networks.

Certainly not on the major networks. Remember the United States of
Corprica is ALL about money. The idea is to keep your slaves dumbed
down to the point where they make good consumers. The closest you get
to such discussion in the US is on PBS and only there if the Republicans
don't destroy that network. But most debate has shifted over to the
Internet anyway as people watch less and less TV.

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