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--- In, awoelflebater <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Ahhh, thanks for clarifying. I guess Curtis just jumped
> the gun a little and didn't realize you were unaware of
> that post before he was.

Curtis was commenting on the fact that over the many
years that Nablus has been "Buddhist bashing" on this
forum, we haven't heard a single word about it from
Judy. And we wouldn't have this time unless Curtis
had prodded her.

It's *OK* in Judy's book for Nabby (and Jim, who used
to do the same thing) to bash Buddhists, thinking
that doing so will bother Vaj or I. She has established
a long, long, many-year history of not feeling that this
is out of place. Somehow it's only criticism of TMers
that she feels is evil.

Curtis was pointing out her hypocrisy. As usual, you
didn't get it.

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