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> So finally the airwaves contain images of spiritual
> life that are almost as spiritual as Fairfield Life. :-)
> I don't think we've had any poisonings or murders
> here, so thus far the Borgia Popes are ahead w.r.t.
> body count, although it may be a tossup w.r.t. revenge
> fantasies.
> Seriously, it's a pretty good series, especially if
> you enjoy seeing the seamy underside of spirituality.
> Even the TMO and the Srivastavas seem tame compared
> to the Borgia Popes.

I just *love* the tag line for this series:
"The original crime family." That just nails
it. The Sopranos and the Corleones were rank
amateurs compared to the Borgias.

What I love about the series is its depiction
of how the history of revenge and treacherous
hypocrisy seems to be synonymous with the history
of Christianity. It's a ballsy topic for Showtime
to take on, in this day and age. I commend them
for doing it.

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