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Emily, just ignore this. Your post was fine.

--- In, "Richard J. Williams" <richard@...> wrote:
> Emily Reyn:
> > Geez, I almost missed this exchange.
> > Very interesting and Ann, I thought
> > you were pretty clear.
> >
> What's not clear, Emily, is which part
> of the thread are you commenting on?
> If you would just <snip> out the parts
> you're NOT commenting on, and then
> post a reply to what you ARE commenting
> on, would be really helpful.
> That way, other respondents would be able
> to follow alnog the conversation better
> and post their reply. Or, is this just
> another general Barry-bash? If so, then
> just key in at the top:
> "It's all about Barry". Thanks.
> Judy and Barry get this because they are
> professionals who work with text formatting
> every day, but this is a mess!

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