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> In order for TM to be a COMPLETE system of spiritual development it would have to incorporate all the ethical teaching of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna, etc. TM does NOT do this!

Ofcourse it does, but not spoken or written which is how religions today try to survive.

Ostensibly there are mediators of every Religion practicing TM, but I doubt this, how many in Fairfield actually practice their Religion? or are they Catholics, etc. in name only?

All the religions we know today are stale, outdated and not needed.

> Personally I think most have adopted TM *in lieu* of Religion and I think this is a personal dis-service to these people. Patanjali taught 8 limbs of Yoga, the first two are important ethical and moral guidelines, MMY doesn't teach these in spite of the fact he admits in the appendix of his Gita they were all meant to be practiced *simultaneously*!
> This is going to be a continuing problem for the TMorg.

Nonsense, it's a strength and the reason why it will outlive the religions we know today.

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