Message info From:philippe makowski Subject:[firebird-support] Re: cannot connect to localhost with Firebird 2.5 64-bit on CentOS 6.2 Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:02:35 +0100


hrefofficemanager [2012-02-18 22:06] :
> The following URL has notes about what DID WORK and in the end, it was very simple:
just two points about your notes :

- instead of creating /var/firebirddata
you can use /var/lib/firebird/data
that is already created by the package
and have firebird:firebird as owner

- you have gsec in /usr/bin/
so no need to put full path to use it
or use directly /usr/bin/gsec instead of /usr/lib64/firebird/bin
this way it will be always ok, even if you use 32 bits platform

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