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>> Those of you who have been around for a few years may remember
>> user:Tlogmer, aka Ben Yates -- co-author with Charles Matthews and I
>> on "How Wikipedia Works."
>> I got an email from his mother this morning with the very sad news
>> that Ben passed away yesterday. I do not know the details. He was in
>> his 20s and lived in Michigan, USA.
> I have not known Mr. Yates (though the name rings a bell) but I am
> saddened to
> hear that. My condolences go to everyone who knew him.

Please accept heartfelt condolences from Wikimedia Australia on the passing
of such a young life. At this time we think on his family and his Wikimedia
colleagues and friends. We can know a person through their authorship and so
their soul lives on through their writing. His writing and his passion for
spreading the word about how to be part of Wikimedia is forever part of the
global movement that mourns his passing.

for Wikimedia Australia
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