Message info From:Waldek Hebisch Subject:[fricas-devel] Announce: FriCAS 1.1.6 has been released Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:21:37 +0100 (CET)

This is copy of the announcemet that I posted in the newsgroups:

FriCAS is an advanced computer algebra system. Its capabilities
range from calculus (integration and differentiation) to abstract
algebra. It can plot functions and has integrated help system.

FriCAS 1.1.6 builds on Linux and many Unix like systems (for example
Mac OSX and Solaris 10). FriCAS is build on top of Common Lisp; several
Lisps can compile and run FriCAS -- currently supported are GCL,
SBCL, Clisp, ECL, Closure CL.

Project page:

Download page:

Mailing list. Please sign up before posting a message.

Notable changes (compared to version 1.1.5):

- Added experimental graph theory package.

- Added power series expanders for Weierstrass elliptic
functions at 0.

- New functions: kroneckerProduct and kroneckerSum for matrices,
numeric weierstrassInvariants and modularInvariantJ, symbolic
Jacobi Zeta, double float numeric elliptic integrals.

- New domains for vectors and matrices of unsigned 8 and 16 bit integers.

- Changes to Spad compiler: underscores which are not needed as escape
are now significant in Spad names and strings, macros with parameters
are supported, added partial support for exceptions, braces can
be used for grouping.

- A few speedups.

- Reduced disc space usage during build.

Bug fixes, in particular:

- Fixed eval of hypergeometricF at 0

- Fixed problem with scope of macros.

- Worked around problems with openinig named pipes in several Lisp

- Fixed a problem with searching documentation via HyperDoc.

- Fixed build problem on Mac OSX.

Waldek Hebisch

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