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Ralf Hemmecke wrote:
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> Martin,
> > Usually the situation is that I work on the code (in seperate spad
> > files) and documentation (in pamphlet file).
> Well, everyone does as s/he likes, but why working in two different
> files? All you need is a program that extracts the .spad file from the
> pamphlet file. The "document" script is such a program. You find it as
> build/scripts/document
> in your *build* directory.

> > 1) cut and paste all the seperate .spad files back into pamphlet file.
> More time wasted than when a Makefile is used with the commands to
> extract your .spad files.

Makefile and merging is a one time effort. However the main
thing is actual developement. With separate file you can
compile Spad file and imediately test is (reusing commands
and data from the history). You can try to approximate it
using ')lib' in running FriCAS after 'make'. However,
that means extra commands and context switching compared
to ')compile'. In case of dependencies Makefile is going
to be more complicated: you need to set '$bootStrapMode'
and/or dump databases. Also, to avoid needless recompilation
(simple Makefile will recompile all files contained in a
pamphlet) you need extra logic in Makefile.

Waldek Hebisch

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