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To:Launchpad Community Development Team From:Matthew Paul Thomas Subject:Re: [Launchpad-dev] [ot] github page layout Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 12:08:57 +0100

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Martin Pool wrote on 10/04/12 09:37:
> This reminded me of some of the conversations/dilemmas about lp
> page layout:

Firstly, a spot of cognitive organizing: I really like the newish
| “issues across all of my projects” dashboard, but when I’m thinking
| about “stuff that’s mine”, I tend to navigate to, and
| that dashboard isn’t there. Instead, I kick myself and navigate to
| plain old You could reasonably respond “okay, fine, just
| remember that, and you’re done”. And yet somehow this knowledge
| refuses to stick in my head.

That's interesting, because that's the pattern I proposed for
Launchpad too -- would be your dashboard, would be your profile and account details.
<> Maybe Bryan here is unusual in not
getting used to this, or maybe he isn't.

| What I find more confusing is the visual clutter at the top of a
| project page. There are now seven short-but-wide horizontal rows of
| stuff (both information and links) at the top of a project’s main
| page.

Launchpad is better in that respect, though it cheats a bit by having
the very top level (Launchpad itself) at the bottom of the page
instead. There's plenty of room for improvement, though -- each page
has two competing headings at the largest size, and the row of
breadcrumbs is pretty useless.

Where Github does seem to do better is in reducing the need to
navigate in the first place. Particularly in the "show me the code for
this project" and "show me active merge proposals for this project"
use cases.

> (My pet peeve with github is their bizarrely thin and spidery
> courier font; maybe it looks better on a mac.)

Ubuntu Mono is bizarrely thin and spidery too, so Launchpad matches
Github in that respect. :-) <>

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