Message info From:Henk Uijterwaal Subject:Re: Query to the community -- An additional IETF Meeting event? Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 16:17:57 +0100


We have had cases where the opening reception was sponsored by somebody other
than the host for the meeting (if there was a host). The sponsor didn't get
much more than the possibility to put a sign near the front door and get
some recognition during one of the plenary sessions. This proposal essentially
says that the sponsors can demonstrate equipment during the reception.
If that is helpful to attract sponsors, let's do it. If there are sufficient
sponsors to support 2 receptions, let's organize 2.

And, having been to such sessions at NANOG and others, I know that you don't
have to look at the gear brought by the vendors, it is perfectly possible to
have the beer (for free) and have the hallway discussion you wanted to have
anyway, while ignoring the demos.

> The current question is about IETF community comfort with the IAOC's exploring
> this. That is, it's a form of "may we proceed to do the research and planning?"
> query.

I'm fine with the IAOC doing the research.


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