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Hi Paula, Carol

I would like to go with you to Versailles- Paula, and Carol I plan to walk a lot too, so here I am :)


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Fantastique! Tony has a friend who lives in Paris near l'arc de triomphe and he is going to get us a list of some nice small places off the tourist beaten path! Ro, I too am capable of being the energizer rabbit while on tour lol!

If there is anyone who is interested in going to Versailles one day and would like to go with – we could plan something at some point?! Paula


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I've got a great book of little cards of Paris walks.  It's a bit out of date, but Larry and I really enjoyed these walks in the summer of 2009 when we were in Paris.  The routes direct you through interesting smaller streets and point out shops and cafes that are special.   I'd be delighted to try some of these walks with one or two others who want to join me!  (My idea is always to walk in the morning, stop for lunch, walk in the afternoon...walk, walk, walk to wear off the calories).





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Wendy, I like your idea of the guide for a day, but are you talking about the Paris sites you mentioned – or out more, or… My 21 year old daughter will be with me, we’re trying to figure out how to hit all the historical must sees in Paris, how long it takes, etc. – any and all in input is appreciated – we’re game to do group tours with you all etc. – Thanks! Paula Nadalin


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I will be traveling with my two kids ( 6 and 9 years old), so I'll have to miss all that fun since I will have to do things with kids in tow. If anyone is going with children and would like to meet someday let me know.


Also, I was in PAris last October, and one piece of advice I can give you is to check before you head out to places if they are open or on strike etc. The Musee D' Orsay was on strike for 3 days while I was there, and the day we went to Versailles it was a french holiday or something so It was free for french people and it was packed!



On Mar 16, 2012, at 2:29 AM, Adel Boros wrote:

Hi All,

Thanks for your great ideas.
I got one more:
Can we agree to plan day by day some places to visit, and to have 1 person/day as a ”dedicated guide” for that day?

For instance I would take a day for park visiting, and happy to make a plan and ”guide”.

For sure, what I would see in Paris are: Louvre, parks, Bastille, bazars, Moulain Rouge and other old famous places where artists had fun or just read their new poems..., obviuosly cousine.


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hi all,


i toured myself around paris a few years ago. a good guidebook, a map and some metro tickets and you can do pretty much anything. perhaps we can all make a list of places we want to see and coordinate travel partners and dates? does anyone know how many companions are along for the fun? i'd like to catch a few days at the louvre, a trip to monmartre, the catacombs... still working my way through the guidebook on a few other possibilities.




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Sounds very tasty and intriguing



On Mar 15, 2012, at 2:13 PM, Maryann Hinden wrote:

I don't know - I'll have to check a map.  I'll be back in touch in a few days.

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Looks like fun, do you think it is walkable? 



On Mar 15, 2012, at 4:51 PM, Maryann Hinden wrote:

Hi -

This is a link to what could become a self-guided small group tour for whoever wants to go.  I would certainly be interested in the pastries and bread, maybe adding a stop at Poilane, another well-known bakery.


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So I will be going to see them in person on Friday the 23rd to see what I can work out. I have been told that all museum tours are about sold out for the week we are there so if you are interested please get the concierge to sign you up or get to whatever museum you want to see early in the week incase you have to wait to get in or get into a tour.

I have been told that prices have gone up considerably since IETF was there last-- about 6 or so years ago.

Since not all companions have access to email or a smartphone, we have a bulletin board in or near the registration area so we can leave notes for each other. We have a reception on Sunday afternoon.

I understand there is no Tuesday night social and so am trying to organize a dinner cruise, will let you know how I do.  I have asked, but have not been successful yet, in setting up a trip to the flea market (though getting there by subway is really easy enough to do on your own) cooking classes, a segway tour of the city, and a market shopping trip with a chef.

See you in Paris

Ro Pelletier
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