Message info From:Jim Schaad Subject:[saag] JOSE Report Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 08:21:10 +0200

The JOSE group met Tuesday afternoon @ 3:20

We started with a presentation on a use case document that will be published
in the next two weeks at which point we will make a consses call if the
document should be adopted as a working group document.

The authors of the current WG documents then presented a brief summary of
the changes since the last meeting and then the questions to be addressed in
getting updates done. As there had not been much discussion either on the
mailing list or in the room on many of the issues, the authors are going to
slowly feed the questions in the mailing list to be addressed and decided

Mike Jones also presented two non-WG documents dealing with methods of
representing signature and encrypted JSON objects as JSON data structures
rather than as dot separated base64 strings. No decision was taken dealing
with either moving the encodings into the core structure or adopting these
as separate documents. The pros and cons need to be outlined and then a
decision taken.


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