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To:Andy Bierman From:Jeffrey Haas Subject:Re: [83attendees] Lost money Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 08:59:36 +0200

On Mar 28, 2012, at 11:54 PM, Andy Bierman wrote:
> I don't want to fuel wild speculation, but some people said I should tell this
> list what happened to me today.
> I was reading email in my room about 3:30pm and the doorbell rang.
> About 3 seconds after that (before I even got up from the desk)
> the lock was opened with a card key and a woman started to enter the room.
> Then I said "I'm in here" and she turned around immediately, slammed the door
> and left.
> The room had been cleaned in the morning so it wasn't the housekeeper.
> Nothing from the minibar, so it wasn't somebody sent because the computer
> told them something in the minibar needed to be replaced.
> In my experience, hotel staff ring twice and announce themselves.
> If they find somebody in the room, they announce why they are there
> (e.g. turn-down service) and do not run away scared when they find
> the room occupied.
> This woman had a card key. The door was locked.
> I told the front desk about it but did not hear back if they determined
> whose key opened the door.

1. You have a timed event. Please do us all a favor and get a formal answer from the hotel as to who was logged going into your room on that key. If they're not in the logs, then we have some proof that the entry is not being logged properly.

2. If anyone has someone enter their room like this again, please grab your camera phone and take a picture of the offending party. They can be checked with the hotel security staff.

-- jeff

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