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I don't agree that the hotel will not cooperate. Asking law enforcement cannot be that difficult either. In any event it was just a thought.

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On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:10:58PM +0000, SAYKO, ROBERT J wrote:

> the next venue hotel. Seems to me a simple check with the hotel's
> security and possibly the local law enforcement would be minimally
> appropriate.

How would that help? The hotel security people are not going to say,
"Yeah, we have a long-standing and unresolved problem with theft in
this hotel." And the police are hardly likely to have information:
how many of the reports that went to this list have also been made to
the police in the sort of formal way that the cops actually have a

I don't think adding Yet Another Rule to the meeting selection process
will help. Note that there _are_ site visits, which means the site
visiting people stayed in the hotel. I guess they got lucky and
didn't get robbed that day.



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