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To:Martin Thomson From:Tobias Oberstein Subject:Re: [hybi] Keep-Alive analysis Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 00:32:01 -0700

I'd like to add: there are use cases where it isn't only about keeping a connection _alive_, but keep it fast.

Mobiles and carrier networks will downgrade idle connections from 3.5G to 3G. That makes a difference
in RTT between 300-800ms (3G) to 80-120ms (3.5G).

I have seen that being done within seconds of idle connections. I have seen it being downgraded even with
a 1 sec heartbeat in place. Probably because the bandwidth consumed by the connection was deemed too
low to justify a 3.5G channel.

So if your prime goal is to keep up a very low latency connection, then you even might need very short
heartbeat (3-20s), with substantial payload.
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