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To:Dave Thaler From:Henderickx, Wim (Wim) Subject:Re: [pcp] WG last call on draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp-02 Date:Fri, 30 Mar 2012 17:49:08 +0200


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Subject: [pcp] WG last call on draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp-02

This email initiates a last call on draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp-02.
This call will last for three weeks (due to various people
traveling the week after IETF) to conclude Friday
April 20.

Please send comments to the list, even if it's just to
say you found no issues and you support publication.

I'd consider the document done once there's at least
5 reviewers who say it's ready for publication, and
any issues raised have been addressed.


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