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To:Jonathan Nieder From:Daniel Huhardeaux Subject:Bug#510787: Closed #496188 appear again in 2.6.26-12 SID and Lenny Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 09:06:23 +0200

Hi Jonathan

Le 28/03/2012 23:59, Jonathan Nieder a crit :
> Daniel Huhardeaux wrote:
>> the closed bug #496188 appears again in 2.6.26-1 debian version 2.6.26-12
>> amd-64-openvz from SID as well as 686 version from Lenny/unstable
> Sorry for the sloow response. Do you still have access to this
> hardware? How do squeeze and sid kernels behave?
> If you can reproduce it with a recent 3.x.y kernel, we can try to get
> help from upstream. If you can reproduce it with a 2.6.32.y kernel
> and not 3.x.y, we can try to narrow down when the fix was introduced
> and try applying the same fix to squeeze. And if you can't reproduce
> it with 2.6.32.y, we can declare victory and get on with life. ;-)

I don't use anymore the USB key modem, I can't tell you more ;-) Please
declare victory and open a bottle of champagne :-D


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