Message info From:Dennis Nienhüser Subject:[Bug 296382] OpenRouteService doesn’t work under Norwegian Nynorsk locale Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 15:20:59 +0000

--- Comment #4 from Dennis Nienhüser <> ---
Git commit 5468b9a4a09f9a5a683c9186d2fca969079ed458 by Dennis Nienhüser.
Committed on 12/04/2012 at 17:06.
Pushed by nienhueser into branch 'master'.

Parse ORS turn instructions and generate our own ones from it.

Retrieving localized instructions from ORS for a couple of (atm 28)
languages is possible, but the list cannot be queried and the somewhat
complicated needed fall-back behavior lead to regressions earlier
(bug 296382, bug 247339).
Instead query english instructions now, parse them and generate our own
instructions for them (localized). This means that we can cover more
languages now and (more important) can indicate the turn type correctly,
which enables voice guidance for ORS (previously only a sound could be
The drawback is that once ORS changes the english instructions, parsing
will fail, so we'd be back at not localized instructions at that point.
Still better than having no route at all, of course.

M +56 -5 src/plugins/runner/openrouteservice/OpenRouteServiceRunner.cpp
M +3 -0 src/plugins/runner/openrouteservice/OpenRouteServiceRunner.h

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